Indra Chicken

Tender chicken cooked in a spicy tomato and mustard base sauce, with red peppers and wild chillies

Makni (Butter) Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken, marinated in mild spices, cooked in a rich almond butter cream sauce (CONTAINS NUTS)

Rahza Chicken

Chicken cooked with royal potatoes in a truley tantalising medium spicy sauce

Kurcha Chicken

Finely sliced chicken cooked in red and green pepper with a medium thick sauce

Bazha Chicken

Chicken fried in Nepalese spices cooked with herbs and spices with fenugreek and corinander

Sharmin Modhu Chicken

Marinated Chicken cooked in Honey and Mango with Spices and Herbs.

Hydra Lamb

Tender lamb with onions and red peppers, cooked in a tomato and cumin base gravy with chickpeas

Shy''Ya Lamb

Tender Lamb, potatoes and green peas cooked with onions, garlic and chilli in rich spicy tomato sauce

Naga Lamb

Roshun Lamb

Tender Lamb cooked with garlic in intense rich tomato and cumin sauce

Katah Lamb

Spring Lamb sliced braised in ginger and garam masala in a thick sauce

Matchli Saa'Lan

Fish cooked with potatoes and mixed spices in a sweet chilli and tomato sauce

Nachli Matchli

Fish flavoured with mixed herbs and spices cooked with chargrilled tomatoes, in a medium sauce

Takiraah King Prawns

Chargrilled King prawns cooked in essence of wild chillies and pickles cooked in a fiery sauce

Arham King Prawns

Marinated king prawns grilled in the tandoor, served in a garlic, coriander, onion & lemon sauce

Lamb Shathkhora

Lamb cooked with bangladeshi lime, herbs and spices